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Our property management services are a packaged deal - meaning you won't be surprised with service charges, and we don't nickel-and-dime our clients. Our pricing is all inclusive. We charge 7% of the monthly rent collected for all properties, including: residential / condominium, and multi-family / apartment buildings.

Leasing Fee is 70% of first months rent.

Don't be fooled by companies who collect a flat rate fees and then place your home on auto-pilot. We stay involved each and every day to ensure you and your investments are protected. Continue below for the complete list of services include with our property management..

Interested in just leasing services? We take care of that for you as well, so you don't have to worry about it. For properties that are not covered by our management services, the leasing fee is equal to one months rent. This includes the same expert marketing services we offer. We'll make our #1 goal to bring you the highest quality prospective tenants to choose from, and we get it done quickly to help you minimize vacancy days.

Management Services

ATX Property Management is a complete turnkey property management company. Whether you are the owner of a single investment home/condo, or have duplex, triplex, fourplex, or even apartment buildings - ATX Property Management is the professional for you.

What we do for you may vary upon your needs, but we offer a wide array of services that will give you peace of mind and an asset that grows in value. All inclusive starting at just 7% of monthly rent collected.

​Market Analysis - we'll conduct a thorough market analysis to determine the appropriate and competitive rent price to charge

Marketing/Advertising - promptly post vacancies online, on our website, and to other listing sites. We advertise locally to Austin Realtors and syndicate nationally through online advertising

Property Photos - if necessary, we happily coordinate professional real estate photography which help advertise and lease properties quicker

Lease Showings - schedule and coordinate showings with licenses real estate agents and prospective tenants

Application Processing & Tenant Screening - thorough background checks including credit, criminal history, ability to pay, and their past rental history

Security Deposit - collect one full month worth of rent as security deposit and ensure processing of tenant's move-in Inventory and Conditions Form

Lease Drafting & Execution - we take extra attention to detail to ensure leases are correct and provide homeowners adequate protection

Tenant Management - 24/7/365 response to tenant questions and problems. ATX Property Management will completely handle tenant inquiries and issues, give you the peace of mind to comfortably sit back and let your investment go to work for you. We will promptly contact you should a situation arise that requires your attention

Rent Payments - collect monthly rent payments from tenants

Maintenance - receive and process maintenance requests. We will quickly handle all routine items, and reach out to you for approval should something require extra time or exceed $250. Our maintenance team is trained to identify problems that may be caused by tenant misuse, in these cases the full maintenance charges will be billed back to the tenant. In case of a more costly or labor intensive maintenance repair, we will acquire multiple contractor bids and report back to you - together we will review and select the best price and quality of work

Quarterly Inspections - keeping you informed on how your home is being treated by tenants is what we stand on. Each quarter we thoroughly inspect exteriors and interiors of each home - ensuring rental properties are kept clean, rules are being followed, identifying potential issues before they become a problem. With each inspection we test fire/carbon monoxide detectors, check each water source for unseen leaks, and ensure tenants are regularly changing air filters as required in our lease agreements. Protecting your homes AC system is critical to maximizing your investment potential. You will receive an emailed report of this inspection.

Lease Enforcement - ensure tenants comply with the lease agreement

Bill Payment - process and pay any utility or maintenance invoices. Additionally, we can process and pay your monthly HOA dues and/or mortgage (this is not required, but allows us to produce clear and precise statements showing your properties long-term financial health - and at no extra accounting cost to you)

Owner Statements/Payments - 24/7 access to your online owner portal, giving access to financial reportings and statements.  Your monthly owner distribution are promptly delivered to you via ACH (or check payment, if desired)

Lease Renewals - we reach out to you to after we review the current hyper-local rental market and recommend the tenant renewal rate. With your approval, we'll draft and execute the renewal. At this point you can go back on auto-pilot, we'll take it again from here.

Year-End Tax Filing - preparation and reporting of 1099-MISC to you and the IRS

Legal Liabilities - avoid legal problems with a skilled and experienced property manager. ATX Property Management will help diligently navigate your home through issues that may arise with tenants, and keep you in compliance with state & local property ordinances . If eviction becomes a necessity, we will expertly control the entire process, from start to finish including debt collections

Move Out & Make-Ready - as tenants move out, we promptly inspect properties and begin routine make-ready repairs. It is crucial to have a competent property manager for this step in the process, to ensure security deposit funds are appropriate and legally allocated to making repairs and preparing the home for a new tenant move-in. From light touch-up paints to more involving remodels, ATX Property Management has the knowledge to get the job done in a cost effective manner

Security Deposit Return - processing the tenant security deposit fairly with the owner's best interest in mind. Ideally, owners should see near-zero cost associated with turnovers

Homeowner Defense

We require tenants to meet qualifying criteria in order to rent at our properties. Additionally, tenants will sign the lease addendum that specifies additional rules that must be followed while they are a resident with ATX Property Management.


Let us safeguard your home


From move-in through move-out, and then back again

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